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Fashion of Groom 17'

Fashion of Groom 17'

Groom is an exited adventure which is the rare and important event to repeat. It has to choose right fabric with colour to rech you on its way. It has to spread on bench fot cut in your pattern, model of groom is important also smokin, groom suit ex.

Than craftsanonship starts, collar, buttons, pleats to be ready fort hat day, First the trial is taken with pattern and you to check last arrengements. After last process chics details defines to comfort of that day. then its friends come to there which is important for it handkerchief, collar flower, tie or bowtie in groom and it meets best colour of White step by step to reach future.

It’s like that kind of adventure come from WSS WESSI to you which is company to best moment of you.

All products what we produced is in also wholesale marketing too. So when you get idea while reading to blog also if you interest in this marketing you can reach us to deal for future partnership.

Yayınlanan 04/04/2017 Menswear, Suit 0 1157

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