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Suit for Daily Life

Suit for Daily Life

If we talk about daily routin life even though we know power and sleek of suit as men, we use suits rarely in our life. Generally we see the suits on important and speacial day in life and they give meaning to that day with combinations pants-shirts, suits and blazer jackets. How we can see suits also in life of buseiness in company and firm which has rules to wear in formal. So in this area suits integrated to our life. That’s why we are trying to give some advices to use suits in daily life with make some casual look to wear suits easily for integration to us.

We have some changes in our Daily life and we can see the same changes in suits sector also couse everything is growing everyday so suits also are adding new stuff and kind in their category. We should know to model of suits to find which one is perfect for us.

6 drop suit, 4 drop suit, suit with vestcoat, regular suit, plaid suit, sash suit, suit with line, double breasted suit , suit with classic, pointed suit are examples for kind of suit which we knew already and there is more which are unknown yet. And they ready for weather conditions, area of work with their comfort and chics. İf we talk about suit how men can wear them in routin life and which model is true for men;

First you should need to know your body type and your size. And we talked at begining of blog 4-6 drop suits which are about your waist thickness and weakness and also 8 drop is about highness of your body. 8 drop is special one in Daily menlife also. There is a two option for cut suit which are slim fit and classic and this is directly conected with your body type too. Classic cut was chosen from old age, slimfit cut was chosen from young age.

When we start to talk about type of suit, they depends on way of your style. You can hide your defect with some suits types. Line suits makes your high more clear and longer, suits with vestcoat which are covering your waist makes your waist area more fit, double-button jackets which starts under your chest and finishes to your bust makes your shoulder more length.

Final part, we can wear suit in daily life after check our body type, according to season, type of fabrics and we discover which is fit and handy for us. Than you will be achieve to choose correct suit for you to make yourself comfortable and stylish. And all this period We will try to give advices for your fashion path as family of WSS WESSI.

All products what we produced is in also wholesale marketing too. So when you get idea while reading to blog also if you interest in this marketing you can reach us to deal for future partnership.

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